Proceedings of the International Crop Science Congress

5th International Crop Science Congress

April 13-18 2008, Jeju, Korea.

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4th International Crop Science Congress

September 2004 Brisbane, Australia.

More than 1100 of the world's crop scientists gathered in Brisbane in September 2004 for the 4th International Crop Science Congress. They shared their knowledge and experience in 850 plenary, symposia and poster papers. In a first for the Congress, the papers were all submitted, reviewed, edited and published online.

The website is the official publication from the 4th International Crop Science Congress and contains the full text of all congress proceedings.
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3rd International Crop Science Congress

"Meeting Future Human Needs" 17-22 August, 2000 Hamburg, Germany

The 3rd ICSC was hosted by the European Society of Agronomy. Nearly 1200 scientists from 105 countries participated. The proceedings from the congress is available by subscriber access from CABI Publishing. Contents are organised in the following sections:

  • Part 1. Facing the needs of mankind,
  • Part 2. Stress in crops and cropping systems,
  • Part 3. Diversity in agro-ecosystems, and
  • Part 4. Designing crops and cropping systems for the future
  • Part 5. The Hamburg Declaration which expresses the concern of crop scientists about the role of science in meeting the demands of future human needs.

Crop Science: Progress and Prospects
Edited by
J Nösberger, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland;
H H Geiger, University of Hohenheim, Germany;
P C Struik, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Pub Date: October 2001
ISBN: 9780851995304
416 pages

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Crop science and ethics
by Louise O. Fresco
Assistant-Director General*, FAO Agriculture Department

and Scientific and ethical challenges in agriculture to meet human needs

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2nd International Crop Science Congress

November 17-14, 1996, New Delhi.


Crop productivity and sustainability - shaping the future. Proceedings of the 2nd international crop science congress.
Chopra, V. L., R. B. Singh, and Anupam Varma (Eds) 1998:
Science Publishers, Inc., Enfield, New Hampshire, USA. 1112 pp.,
Cost US$127.00.

1st International Crop Science Congress

1992, Ames, Iowa


International crop science I.
Edited by Buxton, D. R.; Shibles, R.; Forsberg, R. A.; Blad, B. L.; Asay, K. H.; Paulsen, G. M.; Wilson, R. F.
Published in 1993 by Crop Science Society of America,
Madison, Wisconsin. 895 p., hardcover.
ISBN 0-89118-538-0.
Price: US$55.00 (incl. p & p).
Based on the First International Crop Science Congress (ICS-I) sponsored by Iowa State University and Crop Science Society of America, Ames, Iowa, 14-22 July 1992.

New Zealand Journal of Crop and Horticultural Science abstracts - Book review


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