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The Australian Society of Agronomy

The Australian Society of Agronomy is the professional body for agronomists in Australia. It has more than 400 active members drawn from government, universities, research organisations and the private sector. The primary function of the society is to host a biennial national conference. This is attended by most members and is the main activity on the professional program.

The Australian Society instituted the C.M. Donald Medal for Agronomy in 1984 to honour the contribution of Professor C.M. Donald to agricultural science. The medal is awarded to an eminent agriculturalist at each national conference of the Society.

Opening the 10th Australian Agronomy Conference in Hobart, then Governor, Sir Guy Green, commented on the contribution of the agronomy profession to Australian society. He compared advances in agronomy to those in other fields of endeavour, communication and aviation, saying if we lost all our computers, phones and planes it would have less impact than if society lost the advances made by the science of agronomy over the years.

The Australian Society of Agronomy is pleased to be co-hosting the 4th International Crop Science Congress and, as a consequence, trusts that Congress participants will learn more of Australian agriculture and its research achievements.

More information on the society, and its past conferences, can be sourced from

The 2004 ASA committee includes:

President: Peter Carberry
Past-President: Bob Belford
Vice-President: Len Wade
Secretary: Karin Schiller
Treasurer: Erik van Oosterom
Editor: David Lloyd

Committee Members:
Ingrid Christiansen
Graeme Hammer
David Midmore
Bruce Pengelly
Richard Routley
Jeremy Whish

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