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Irrigated rice-based systems 5ACSC

Increasing Water Productivity and Growth of Rice with Less Irrigation Water
Author: Jong Gun Won, Jang Soo Choi and Seung Phil Lee

The water balance on sloping land in rainfed lowland rice ecosystem
Author: M. Tsubo1, Shu Fukai1, Jayampathi Basnayake1, To Phuc Tuong2, Bas A.M. Bouman2 and Dome Harnpichitvitaya3

Improving Crop and Water Productivity of Rice-Wheat System in Punjab, Pakistan
Author: Riaz A. Mann1, Waqar A. Jehangir2 and I. Masih2

Addressing water scarcity in dry seeded lowland rice
Author: Jose Mathew, K. Mohanasarida and O.N. Resmi

Reducing the impact of muddy water on rice crop establishment
Author: Siva Sivapalan1, K. Yin Chan2 and Nicholas Addison3

Growing rice on raised beds in south-eastern Australia.
Author: B.W. Dunn1,2, S.K. Mathews1, H.G. Beecher1,2, J.A. Thompson2,3 and E. Humphreys2,4

Increasing rainfed rice productivity in Central Java, Indonesia: a modeling approach
Author: Anita Boling1, Bas A.M. Bouman1, To Phuc Tuong1, Sigit Y. Jatmiko2, Maddala V.R. Murty1, Hendrika H. VanLaar3 and Herman van Keulen3

Performance of rice cultivars under different resource conservation techniques
Author: C. Venkata Reddy1, R.K.Malik2 and Yadav Ashok3

Water productivity of rice crop in irrigated areas
Author: Waqar A. Jehangir1, Hugh Turral2 and I. Masih1

Performance of wheat on beds and flats in Punjab, India
Author: Anil Prashar1, S. Thaman1, A. Nayyar1, E. Humphreys2, S.S. Dhillon1, Yadvinder Singh1, P.R. Gajri1, Jagadish Timsina2 and D.J. Smith2

Use of raised beds for increasing wheat production in rice-wheat cropping systems.
Author: M.Ilias. Hossain1, Craig Meisner2, J.M. Duxbury3, J.G. Lauren3, M.M. Rahman4, M.M. Meer5 and M.H. Rashid6

Bed planting: A new technique to diversify/intensify rice-wheat system in India
Author: S.C. Tripathi, A.D. Mongia, D.S. Chauhan, R.K. Sharma, A.S. Kharub, R.S. Chhokar and Jag Shoran

Mitigating water scarcity through an aerobic system of rice production
Author: Ambrocio R. Castaņeda, Bas A.M. Bouman, Shaobing Peng and Romeo M. Visperas

Comparison of Productivity of System of Rice Intensification and Conventional Rice Farming Systems in the Dry-Zone Region of Sri Lanka
Author: Sarath P. Nissanka1 and Thilak Bandara2

Agronomic performance of tropical aerobic, irrigated, and traditional upland rice varieties in three hydrological environments at IRRI
Author: G.N. Atlin, M. Laza, M. Amante, and H.R. Lafitte

Study on permanent-bed-planting with double zero tillage for rice and wheat in Sichuan Basin
Author: Yonglu Tang, Jiaguo Zheng, Gang Huang and Jinquan Du

Planting pattern affects root system development, resistance to water transport, and afternoon depression in photosynthesis in rice plants
Author: Yumiko San-oh, Daisaku Yoshita, Taiichiro Ookawa and Tadashi Hirasawa1

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