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Root Specific

Phosphorus Nutrition Affects Root Morphology Response to Water Deficit at Different Reproductive Stages in an Early Soybean Cultivar
Author: Jin Jian 1, Wang Guanghua 1 and Liu Xiaobing 1,2

Effect of root damage due to simulated and real whitegrub attack on physio- biochemical characters of groundnut under various soil moisture levels
Author: Neelam Yadav and Vijay K Yadav

Measurement of the depth of water extraction by individual plants in a plant nursery, with 18O.
Author: Jean-Louis Durand1, Thierry Bariac2, Mia Victoria Gonzalez Dugo1, Marc Ghesquière3, Patricia Richard2 and Philippe Biron2.

Effect of Root Exudates on Drought and Aflatoxin Resistance of Peanut Genotypes
Author: Janjira Puntase1, Chuckree Senthong1, Sawit Meechoui2 and Keith T. Ingram3

Root traits of different crops under rainfed conditions in the High Barind Tract, Bangladesh
Author: M. Yusuf Ali1, Selim Ahmed2, Chris Johansen3, D. Harris4 and J.V.D.K. KumarRao5

Effects of Mepiquat Chloride on Lateral Roots Initiation of Cotton Seedling and Its Mechanism
Author: Liusheng Duan, Xiaoli Tian, Yi Zhang, Zuoshun Tang, Zhixi Zhai and Zhongpei He

Penetration of hardpans by roots of wheat under drought
Author: Tina Botwright and Len Wade

Effect of semi-dwarf genes on the root penetration ability of wheat
Author: Katashi Kubo1, Yutaka Jitsuyama1, Kazuto Iwama1, Nobuyoshi Watanabe2, Akira Yanagisawa3, Ismahane Elouafi4 and Miloudi M. Nachit4

Root growth of canola and wheat in the deep yellow sands of the northern sandplain of the Western Australian wheat belt.
Author: Stephen P. Milroy, Senthold Asseng and Michael L. Poole

Development of the Root System of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Analyzed by the Root Box Method
Author: Ryosuke Tajima1, Shigenori Morita2 and Jun Abe3

Developing testable hypotheses on the impacts of sub-soil constraints on crops and croplands using the cropping systems simulator APSIM.
Author: Zvi Hochman1, Merv Probert2 and Neal P. Dalgliesh1

Soil exploration by sorghum root systems in wide row cropping systems
Author: Ian Broad1 and Graeme Hammer1,2

Effects of chemical subsoil constraints on lower limit of plant available water for crops grown in southwest Queensland
Author: Yash Dang1, Richard Routley2, Michael McDonald3, Ram Dalal4, Vanessa Alsemgeest2 and Denis Orange1


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