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WUE and drought resistance models

Improving harvest index is an effective way to increase crop water use efficiency
Author: Jianhua Zhang1 and Jianchang Yang2

Variation in Water-use Efficiency of Peanut Varieties Across Peanut Production Regions
Author: Diane Rowland1, Paul Blankenship1, Naveen Puppala2, John Beasley3, Mark Burow4, Dan Gorbet5, David Jordan6, Hassan Melouk7, Charles Simpson8 and Jim Bostick9

Traits for improved drought resistance of winter wheat in the UK
Author: M. John Foulkes1, Vinesh Verma2, Roger Sylvester-Bradley3, Richard Weightman3 and John W Snape2

Variation in shoot and root growth in primary synthetic wheats - implications for overcoming water deficits in marginal environments
Author: Fernanda Dreccer, Francis Ogbonnaya, Gabriela Borgognone and Jayne Wilson

Drought effect on water use efficiency of berseem clover at various growth stages
Author: Martha Lazaridou1 and S.D. Koutroubas2

Drought resistance of NERICA (New Rice for Africa) compared with Oryza sativa L. and millet evaluated by stomatal conductance and soil water content
Author: Michihiko Fujii, Chika Andoh and Seiji Ishihara

Using a Crop Growth Model to Hypothesize Genetic Traits to Improve Peanut Yield under Water-Limited Environments
Author: K. J. Boote

Comparative response of maize (Zea mays L.) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolour L. Moench) to irrigation deficit in a Mediterranean climate
Author: Imma Farré1, José María Faci2

Water-Saving Strategies in Rain-fed Farming Systems
Author: Xi-Ping Deng1, Lun Shan1, Sui-Qi Zhang 2, Shinobu I Nanaga 3 and Neil C. Turner4

Transpiration efficiency in a segregating population of sunflower: Inheritance, correlation with other traits and association with hybrid grain yield
Author: Christopher J. Lambrides1, Scott Chapman2 and Ray Shorter3

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