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Manipulating dryland systems

The effect seed source, size and frost damage on emergence and grain yield in field pea (Pisum sativum) cv. Kaspa
Author: Jason Brand and Tony Leonforte

Capture and use of water by wheat and chickpea in sole crops and intercrops, under dryland conditions of South Australia
Author: Mohammad Reza Jahansooz 1, Isa Yunusa2 and David Coventry3

Raised bed cropping in southern Victoria – A snapshot of a productive and sustainable option for waterlogging prone soils
Author: Renick Peries1, Bruce Wightman1, Chris Bluett1 and Abdur Rab2

Enhancing grain yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under upland conditions in Japan
Author: Yoichiro Kato1, Satoshi Hayashi2, Akihiko Kamoshita3, Jun Abe4, Kentaro Urasaki5 and Junko Yamagishi6

Comparison of measured changes in seasonal soil water content under rainfed maize-bean intercrop within a semi-arid area
Author: H.O. Ogindo and Sue Walker

On-farm monitoring and management of aflatoxin contamination in Australian peanuts
Author: NageswaraRao C. Rachaputi, Graeme Wright, Stephen Krosch and Jeff Tatnell

Fluctuations in spatial variability of wheat yield
Author: Mike T.F. Wong1 and Senthold Asseng2

Optimum sowing time for rainfed safflower in southern Australia is affected by soil water availability
Author: Nick Wachsmann1, Rob Norton1, David Jochinke1 and Sue Knights2

Raised beds improve secondary crop production in the rainfed rice-based cropping systems of Southern Lombok, Eastern Indonesia
Author: Sukartono1, Jaikirat S. Gill2, Mansur Ma'shum1, I.G.M. Kusnarta1, Mahrup1, Blair McKenzie2,3 and Judy Tisdall2

Soil water availability determines optimum sowing rates for safflower in southern Australia
Author: David Jochinke1, Nick Wachsmann1, Rob Norton1 and Sue Knights2

Agronomic responses of six barley varieties to different plant populations - an old question revisited
Author: John Sturgess1, Giles Butler3 and Kym McIntyre2

Skip sorghum when and where should it be used?
Author: Jeremy Whish1

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