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New imperatives for irrigated agriculture

A comparative analysis of Crop Water Productivity of rice-wheat and cotton-wheat rotations in Rechna Doab, Punjab, Pakistan
Author: Mobin-ud-Din Ahmad1, Ilyas Masih2 and Hugh Turral1

Effect of dairy effluent on DM yields and nutritive characteristics of perennial pasture in late spring and summer
Author: Joe Jacobs, Graeme Ward and Frank McKenzie

Evaluation of the Water Use Efficiency of Dairy Production Using Crops and Pastures
Author: Mark N. Callow and Sarah J. Kenma

Water use efficiency of irrigated forage systems in northern Victoria
Author: Alister Lawson, Kerry Greenwood and Kevin Kelly

Improvement of water productivity in surface irrigation system by changing the plant spacing in sugar beet cultivation
Author: Daryoush. F Taleghani1, Ghasem Tohidlou1, Javad Gohari1, Davood Habibi2, Yaghob Sadeghian1 and Mahmood Mesbah1

Water use efficiency response of field-grown muskmelon and pepper to environmental water status
Author: Anna Rita Rivelli1, Rossella Albrizio2, Stella Lovelli1 and Michele Perniola1.

Effect of irrigation strategies on dry matter yields and water use efficiency of a range of forage species
Author: Joe Jacobs, Graeme Ward and Frank McKenzie

Effect of different rates of dairy effluent on millet dry matter yields and nutritive characteristics
Author: Joe Jacobs, Graeme Ward and Frank McKenzie

Water use efficiency in sugar beet, subjected to different sowing times and irrigation regimes in a Mediterranean environment
Author: Michele Rinaldi and Alessandro Vittorio Vonella

A simple versatile model of crop yield response to water deficit
Author: Richard J Martin1, Derek R Wilson1, Peter D Jamieson1, Peter J Stone2, Jeff B Reid3 and Richard N Gillespie1.

Response of canopy architecture, yield and water use efficiency of winter wheat to irrigation time
Author: Pu Wang, Yaping Wei, Hui Ju and Danxi. Zhou

Application of remote sensing technologies to improve yield and water-use efficiency in irrigated peanuts
Author: Graeme Wright1, Andrew Robson1 and Greg Mills1

Identifying the Potential to Apply Deficit Irrigation Strategies in Cotton Using Large Mobile Irrigation Machines
Author: Simon C. White and Steven R. Raine

Soil Moisture-Based Nutrient Management of Red Pepper
Author: Kang-Ho Jung1, Wontae Kim2, Seung-Oh Hur3 and Sangeon Ha4

Effects of irrigation scheduling on soybean growth and yield.
Author: Kurt Thelen, Mark Bernards and Michael Staton

Growth responses to alternative irrigation water for drought season in paddy rice
Author: Joung-Du Shin, Jong-Sik Lee, Won-II Kim, Goo-Bok Jung, GunYeob Kim, Jin-Ho Kim and Sun-Gang Yun

Influences of Chinese Cabbage Growth and Soil Salinity to Alternative Irrigation Waters
Author: Joung-Du Shin, Sang-Won Park1, Won-II Kim, Jong-Sik Lee, Goo-Bok Jung and Sun-Gang Yun

Management for ultra early cotton systems
Author: Rose Roche1,2, Michael Bange1, Stephen P. Milroy3, Grant Roberts1 and Greg Constable1

IMPASSE: A DSS for Assessing Impact of Saline and Non-Saline Irrigation Waters on Crop Yield Reductions
Author: Ravinder Kaur and Rashmi Malik

Study of water use efficiency, yield and quality of two sugar beet varieties in line source sprinkler irrigation
Author: Ghasem Tohidloo1, Saeed Ghalebi2, Daryoush Taleghani3, Seyed Yaghoob Sadeghian3 and Mohammad Ali Chegini3

Effects of water supply and sowing date on water use efficiency of Anise (Pimpinella anisum L.)
Author: Saeed Zehtab-Salmasi1, Aziz Javanshir1, Reza Omidbaigi2, Houshang Alyari1 and Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani1

Soybean Crop Production under Environmental Stress Conditions at Toshky / Egypt
Author: Aly I.N. Abdel-Aal1 and Mohamed M. Moukhtar2

Crop Production and Drainage in Conjunction with subsoiling Role in Deteriorated Egyptian Soil
Author: Mohamed M.Moukhtar1, El-Sayed El-Hadidy2, and Mohamed .A.B.El-Shewikh3

Controlled Deficit Irrigation of Alfalfa (Medicago sativa): A Strategy for Addressing Water Scarcity in California
Author: Steve Orloff1, D.H. Putnam2, Blaine Hanson3 and Harry Carlson4

The effects of deficit irrigation on Water-use efficiency, yield, and quality of forage pearl millet
Author: Shahryar Sasani 1, Mohammad Reza Jahansooz 2 and Ali Ahmadi 3

Yield and Yield Components of Dryland Wheat Genotypes Under Supplemental Irrigation.
Author: Z. Tahmasebi Sarvestani, S.A.M. Modarres Sanavy and A. Roohi

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