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Legumes in farming systems

Managing economic and environmental sustainability with better P nutrition and summer forage legume in rotation with wheat in southern Queensland
Author: Dhananjay Singh1, Vanessa Alsemgeest1, David Cooper1, Richard Routley1 and Peter Sale2

Legumes for cropping systems in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
Author: Jeffrey Evans1, Edwin Wolfe2, Mun Yun-Guk3, Ri Yong-Jo4 and Kim Tong-Ryul3

Selecting suitable pasture legume species as fodder crops for the central wheatbelt of southwest Western Australia
Author: Anyou Liu1, Richard Snowball2, Clinton Revell2 and Bradley Nutt2

Evaluation of purple vetch (Vicia benghalensis) as a green manure legume for Irish potato production in Matanya, Central Rift, Kenya.
Author: Joseph G. Mureithi1, Josephat M. Kiama1, Charles K.K. Gachene2 and Francis M. Gitahi1

Common vetch in rotation with barley: a sustainable farming system for a cool, semi-arid Mediterranean area
Author: Sui-Kwong Yau1, John Ryan2, Mustafa Pala2, Mussa Nimah1 and Adel Nassar3

Response of durum wheat genotypes to previous crop and N fertilization under Mediterranean conditions
Author: Giovanni Pacucci, Carlo Troccoli and Beniamino Leoni

Genetic improvement of strand medic (Medicago littoralis Rohde ex Lois.) for Australian farming systems
Author: Ramakrishnan M. Nair1, Jake Howie1, Ross Ballard1, Rachel Hutton1, Nigel Charman1 and Chris Preston2

Productivity improvement in upland rice through the inclusion of legumes, in the far-western mid-hill areas of Nepal
Author: Beda Bahadur Rokaya1

The impact of lupins on nitrate leaching and wheat productivity
Author: Senthold Asseng1, Imma Farré2, Michael Robertson3 and Perry Dolling4

Grain yield and symbiotic activity of cowpea cultivars grown in sole and intercropping systems with maize in the Limpopo Province of South Africa
Author: K.K. Ayisi1, PNZ Mpangane1 and Anthony Whitbread2

Exploring cropping options with crop models: a case study of pigeonpea versus peanut in rainfed tracts of semiarid southern India
Author: P.R.S. Rao1, K.N. Rao1, S. Sridhara2, M. Byregowda3, B.C. Shankarlingappa3, Holger Meinke4, Peter DeVoil4 and Sulochana Gadgil1

Legume-maize association influences crop characteristics and yields
Author: M.G. Thwala and E.M. Ossom1

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