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Long term effect of stubble burning on soil carbon levels and wheat yield in southern New South Wales
Author: K. Yin Chan1 and Damian Heenan2

Possibility to grow early maturity corn hybrids for energetically dense silage in Latvian conditions
Author: Zinta Gaile

Mycorrhizal colonisation of dry season cotton grown on virgin soil in northern Australia
Author: Brian L Duggan1 and Megan H. Ryan2

Crop production potential and constraints in the high rainfall zone of southwestern Australia: Yield and yield components
Author: Heping Zhang, Neil C. Turner and Michael L. Poole

Strip Cropping Vegetables
Author: Shane Broad1, Shaun Lisson2 and Neville Mendham3

Soil physical properties in the long-term field experiment “eternal rye” after 120 years of different fertilization
Author: Sebastian Ulrich, Bodo Hofman and Olaf Christen

Development of Canaryseed Production in the Central High Plains of the United States.
Author: Glen Frickel1, David Baltensperger1, Jim Margheim1 and Eric Nielsen1

Impact of regrowth and remnant brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) trees on wheat production in southern Queensland, Australia
Author: Melanie Bradley1, 2, Michael Robertson1, Alan House1, Perry Poulton3 and Clyde Wild2

Rotation effects and profitability of safflower compared to wheat and oilseeds in southern Australia
Author: Adam Dellwo1,2, Rob Norton1, Nick Wachsmann1 and David Jochinke1

Farmers’ perceptions of the role of trees in the agricultural landscape of the Sudanian zone of Senegal: the case of Medina Yoro Foulah in Upper Casamance.
Author: Ibrahima Diédhiou and Malaïny Diatta

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