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Soil N cycling and uptake

Genotypic effects on yield, N uptake, NUTE and NHI of spring wheat
Author: S.C. Tripathi1, K.D. Sayre2 and J.N. Kaul3

Efficient N management technologies for irrigated rice in Asia
Author: Vethaiya T. Balasubramanian

Effect of N-deficiency on photoassimilate partitioning and rhythmic changes in fruit and stem diameter of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) during fruit growth.
Author: Kounosuke Fujita1a, K. Lei1, Hirofumi Saneoka1, R.E.A. Moghaieb 1 and P.K. Mohapatra2

The yield and quality of wheat affected by individual and combined application of animal manure and chemical fertilizers
Author: Mohammad Lotfollahi

Yield and N content response of winter wheat to 2 fallow lengths after 4 years of lucerne in the Gansu Loess Plateau, China
Author: Yu-Ying Shen1, Chong-Yue Gao1, Zhi-Biao Nan1, Bill Bellotti2, Wen Chen2, Ya-Li Zou1, Murray Unkovich2, Michael Robertson3 and Merv Probert3

Need based fertilizer nitrogen management using leaf color chart in irrigated rice in Punjab, India
Author: Yadvinder Singh, Jaswinder Singh Bains and Bijay Singh

Nitrogen mineralization potential of rice-wheat soils amended with organic manures and crop residues
Author: Bijay Singh, Anshujit Virk and Yadvinder Singh

Uptake and Partition of 15N Labeled Fertilizer by Nitrogen Rate and Cultivar in Rice
Author: Areum Chun1, Ho Jin Lee2

Nitrogen storage and remobilization in Brassica napus L. during the growth cycle
Author: Laurence Rossato, Carine Noquet, Philippe Malagoli and Alain Ourry

Residual effects of different N fertilizer treatments on wheat growth and yield
Author: Klaus Sieling1, Henning Kage1 and Olaf Christen2

Yield and Quality of Two U.S. Red Potatoes: Influence of Nitrogen Rate and Plant Population.
Author: Samuel Y.C. Essah1, David G. Holm1 and Jorge A. Delgado2

Spectral reflectance of rice leaves and leaf color charts for N management
Author: Christian Witt1, 2, Julie Mae Cabrera-Pasuquin2 and Randall G. Mutters3

Nitrogen accumulation and recovery from Legumes and N Fertilizer in Rice-based cropping systems
Author: M.M. Rahman, Takahisa Amano, H. Inoue and Y. Matsumoto

Influence on yield and quality components of stalk- and leaf crops by changing the production intensity
Author: Andreas Bramm, Frank Höppner, Jörg Michael Greef, Gerhard Rühl and Burcin Dilci

Variation of Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Its Relationships with Growth Characteristics in Korean Rice Cultivars
Author: Ho Jin Lee1, Seung-Hun Lee2 and Ji Hoon Chung3

Cereal response to N fertiliser in relation to subsoil limitations
Author: J.F. Angus1, Rob Norton2, J.F. Pedler2 and C.N. Walker3

Waterlogging and Nitrogen Management for Wheat in High Rainfall Cropping Areas of Southern Western Australia.
Author: Narelle Hill1, Nathan Moyes2, Ron McTaggart3, Walter K. Anderson3 and Ray Tugwell1

Effects of N-fertilizer rate and placement on wheat (Triticum aestivum) establishment, growth and yield.
Author: Samuel G. L. Kleemann, Gurjeet S. Gill, and David Coventry

Canola response to side-banded N rate, source and NBPT addition

CropSyst VB – Simpotato, a crop simulation model for potato-based cropping systems: II. Evaluation of nitrogen dynamics
Author: Ashok Alva1, Javier Marcos2, Claudio O. Stöckle3, Vangimalla Reddy4 and Dennis Timlin4

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