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Nutrient use efficiency, general fertilizer studies

The Balanced Nutritional method and Fertilizer use in Paddy rice in Bolivia
Author: Yoshifumi Tamura1,2, Abdˇn Siles2 and Eddy Ajhuacho2

Has nitrogen use efficiency changed for barley in Finnish growing conditions?
Author: Susanna Muurinen 1 and Pirjo Peltonen-Sainio 1

Comparison of soil tests with plant response to nutrients in selected soils of Vanuatu
Author: Marie Melteras1, Jane O’Sullivan2, Colin Asher2 and Vincent Lebot1

Reducing Fertilizer Application and Rice Growth and Yield Mapping by Variable Rate Treatment in Paddy Fields
Author: Ho Jin Lee1, C. H. Yi1, Seung-Hun Lee1 and Ji Hoon Chung1

Spectral NPK stress discrimination in barley plants by use of three wavebands
Author: Lene K. Christensen1 and Rasmus N. J°rgensen2

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