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Phosphorus uptake of Sesbania cannabina and Crotalaria juncea associated with root nodule bacteria
Author: Hiroyuki Daimon, Kazue Nobuta, Masamichi Ohe, Jiro Harada and Toshinobu Morikawa

Screening for genotypic variation in phosphorus-uptake efficiency in cereals on Australian soils
Author: Mingtan T. Liao1,2, Peter Hocking1,2, Bei Dong1,2, Emmanuel Delhaize1,2 and Peter R. Ryan1,2

Phenotypic plasticity of rice seedlings: case of p deficiency
Author: Delphine Luquet1, Bao Gui Zhang2, Michael Dingkuhn1 and Amandine Dexet1

Phosphate requirements of creeping bent (Agrostis stolonifera) putting-green turf
Author: J.D. Hull and P.M. Martin

Phosphorus concentration in soil and in winter wheat plants
Author: Ilze Skudra and Andris Skudra

An evaluation of the phosphorus benefits from grain legumes in rotational cropping using 33P isotopic dilution
Author: Maarten Hens and Peter Hocking

Phosphorus Management and Availability in Highly Calcareous Soil
Author: B.M. Frischke1, R.E. Holloway1, M.J. McLaughlin2 and E. Lombi2

Modelling the effect of phosphorus on maize production and nitrogen use efficiency on smallholder farms in sub-humid Zimbabwe
Author: Anthony Whitbread1, Philip Mushayi2 and Stephen Waddington3

Grain legume crops increase soil phosphorus availability to subsequently grown wheat
Author: Mohammad Nuruzzaman1, Hans Lambers1, Mike D.A. Bolland2 and Erik J. Veneklaas1

Phosphorus turnover between rice crops in the rainfed lowlands from residual P fertiliser, rice straw and volunteer pastures
Author: Sovuthy Pheav1, Richard W. Bell2, Peter F White3 and Guy JD Kirk4

Phosphorus application to Maize-Cowpea sequences in smallholder farming systems of Zimbabwe
Author: Nhamo Nhamo1, Pauline P. Nhamo2 and Dominica B. Shumba3

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