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Inoculants, rhizobia, biofertilizers

A new approach for quantifying the role of legume nitrogen in crop rotation.
Author: D.F. Khan1, D.F. Herridge2, Mark Peoples3, G.D. Schwenke2, S.H. Shah1, S.M. Shah1, T. Khan4 and D. Chen5

Effects of Rhizobium strains on growth and nitrogen fixation of annual medics
Author: Saideh Maleki Farahani1,Reza Tavakkol Afshari2, Hosein H. Sharifabadi3 and Mohammad Reza Chaichi4

Biomass production and nitrogen accumulation of some dual-purpose legumes in Limpopo province, South Africa
Author: Jude J.O. Odhiambo

Growth promoting effects of the diazotroph Azorhizobium caulinodans on Canadian wheat cultivars
Author: Anthony O. Anyia, Daniel J. Archambault and Jan J. Slaski

BioBoost: a new sulfur-oxidizing bacterial inoculant for canola
Author: Manas R. Banerjee and Laila Yesmin

Response to and benefits of Rhizobial Inoculation of Soybean in the South of Vietnam
Author: Yen Thao Tran

Optimizing legume production using sulfur oxidizing bacteria and Rhizobium consortia
Author: Laila Yesmin1, Ivan Oresnik2 and Manas R. Banerjee1

Enhancing yield of onion (Allium cepa L.) through mycorrhizal inoculant in Meloidogyne graminicola-infested soil
Author: E. B. Gergon1, M. B. Brown2, and S. A. Miller3

Optimization of sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) production through bio/natural inputs
Author: S.S. Duhoon1, A. Jyotishi1, M.R. Deshmukh1 and N.B. Singh2

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