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Maize and sorghum

Fertiliser P effects on biomass partitioning and quality of sweet corn in a cool temperate environment.
Author: Andrew Fletcher1, Derrick J. Moot1 and Peter Stone2

Studies on the Effect of Plant Density on Maize Growth using the Richards Function
Author: Zoltan Berzsenyi and Dang Quoc Lap

Genetic variability for pre- and post-flowering nitrogen metabolism in maize in relation to plant architecture and leaf senescence
Author: Bertrand Hirel1, Isabelle Quilleré1, Bernard Pommel2, Matthieu Floriot2, Bruno Andrieu2, Jean-Louis Drouet2, Michael Chelle2, Antoine Martin1, Marie-Hélène Valadier1, Xana Belastegui-Macadam1, Alain Fortineau2, Michel Chartier2, Christian Fournier2, André Gallais3, Jean-Louis Prioul4, Caroline Lelarge4 and Thérèse Tercé-Laforgue1.

Is increased Radiation Use Efficiency in Sorghum related to increased Height?
Author: Barbara George-Jaeggli1,4, Ian Broad2, Graeme Hammer2,3 and David Jordan1

Effect of Stem Infused Chemicals on Kernel Yield, Levels of Enzymes and Chlorophyll content in Maize (ZEA MAYS L) varieties
Author: Pushpa Seth, G.C. Nanawati and V. Sharma

Maize Potential Kernel Weight: Relation with Plant Growth Rate around Silking.
Author: Brenda L. Gambín1, Lucas Borrás2 and María E. Otegui1

Investigating the use of sweet sorghum as a model for sugar accumulation in sugarcane
Author: Kimberley B. Ritter1, Scott Chapman1, David Jordan2, Ian Godwin3 and Lynne McIntyre1

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