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Broad leaf crops

Competition studies in four grain legumes
Author: Shaukat Ayaz, Derrick J. Moot, George D. Hill, Bruce A. McKenzie and David McNeil

Effects of carbon dioxide enrichment during different growth periods on flowering, pod set and seed yield in Soybean

Simultaneous growth of pods and seeds set on different racemes in soybean
Author: Shao-Hui Zheng, Akinori Maeda, Yoko Kashiwagi, Akihiro Nakamoto and Masataka Fukuyama

Light quality and CO2 induced changes in saccharide content of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) ‘Red Joy’ plants in vitro
Author: John H. Miranda1 and Richard R. Williams2

Effects of waterlogging on root system of soybean
Author: Shigenori Morita1, Jun Abe2, Shuho Furubayashi2, Alexander Lux3 and Ryosuke Tajima2

Effect of duration of reproductive stages on yield in soybean
Author: Philips Varghese1, S.P. Taware1, G.B. Halvankar1 and V.M. Raut1

Ethylene biosynthesis, ripening and senescence behavior of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) leaves
Author: N.A. Karaivazoglou1, D.K. Papakosta2, E.M. Sfaciotakis3 and S.D. Koutroubas4

Response of sunflower to plant growth regulators
Author: S.D. Koutroubas, George Vassiliou, Sideris Fotiadis and Christos Alexoudis

Double Row and Conventional Cotton in Tulare County, California
Author: Steve Wright1, Bob Hutmacher2, Anil Shrestha3, Gerardo Banuelos1, Mark Keeley2, Raul Delgado2 and Shelly Elam1

Source and sink characteristics of various genotypes with different boll weight in cotton
Author: Cundong Li1, Zhixia Xie, Wenxin Wang, Yuechen Zhang and Hongchun Sun

Physiological changes of leaves on early reproductive branch caused by changing the ratio of source to sink in cotton
Author: Cundong Li1, Hongchun Sun, Wenxin Wang, Yuechen Zhang and Zhixia Xie

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