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Genotype by environment interaction

Measurement and management of genotype-environment interaction (GxE) for the improvement of rainfed lowland rice yield in Cambodia.
Author: Jayampathi Basnayake, Ouk Makara, Thum Votany, Sideth Kang, Pith Khon Hel, Shu Fukai1, Men Sarom and Ken Fischer1.

Characterization of maize environments using crop simulation and GIS
Author: Carlos M. Löffler, Jun Wei, Tim Fast, Robert E. Merrill and Mark Cooper

Environmental effects on phenotypic expression are blunted in greenhouse compared to open field
Author: Ioannis Papadopoulos1, Ioannis S. Tokatlidis2, Konstantinos Tertivanidis1 and Efstathios Tamoutsidis1

International Adaptation Trial: Using probe and reference genotypes to characterize global spring wheat production environments.
Author: Ky L. Mathews1, Scott Chapman2, Richard Trethowan3, Wolfgang Pfeiffer3, Maarten van-Ginkel3 and Ian DeLacy1

Interpreting QTL x environment interaction and QTL specificity to environments for kernel number in winter wheat with an environmental characterization based on probe genotypes
Author: Martine Leflon1, Anne Laperche2, Wen-Ying Rong2, Jacques Le Gouis2, Christophe Lecomte3, Beghin Denis2 and Maryse Brancourt-Hulmel2

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