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Comparisons of growth and photosynthetic characteristics between wild and cultivated types of soybeans
Author: Kuniyuki Saitoh1, Kuniko Nishimura1 and Toshirou Kuroda1

Use of Primitive Accessions in Cotton Improvement
Author: Jack C. McCarty1, Johnie N. Jenkins1 and Jixiang Wu2

Discovery of New Diploid Perilla Species in Korea
Author: Chan-Sik Jung, Ki-Won Oh, Hyeun-Kyeung Kim, Myung-Hee Lee, Chung-Berm Park, Jea-Duck Sung, Yong-Ho Kwack and Duck-Yong Suh

Genetic diversity of nodules and of landraces of lupins collected in Morocco over the last five years
Author: C. Thami Alami1, J. Al Faiz1, C. Papineau2, F. Huyghe2, Brhada3 and A. Filali Maltouf3

Homoclime analysis of chickpea and its implications to Queensland’s chickpea industry
Author: Yash Chauhan, Graeme Wright, NageswaraRao C. Rachaputi and Kevin McCosker

Wild and cultivated Cicer species- different evolutionary paths lead to different phenological strategies that can be exploited to broaden the adaptation of chickpea (C. arietinum L.)
Author: Jens Berger1, Neil C. Turner1,2 and Renee P. Buck 2

Evaluation of genetic diversity in different genotypes of Brassica juncea by SDS-PAGE
Author: Anupreet Kour and S.P. Singh

The basis of sustainable soybean production: The establishment and application of Chinese soybean core collections revealed by both agronomic characters and SSR markers
Author: Qiu Lijuan, Guan Rongxia, Li Yinghui, Wang Lixia, Guan Yuan, Yan Zhe, Ma Yansong, Piao Rihua, Li Linhai, Ning Xuecheng, Zhu Li, Li Wei, Lin Fanyun, Luan Weijiang, Liu Zhang Xiong and Chang Ruzhen

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