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Molecular marker selection

Marker development and implementation for anthracnose resistance in Australia lupin breeding program
Author: Mingpei You1, Jeffery Boersma2, Bevan Buirchell1,2, Mark Sweetingham and Huaan Yang1,2

The Asian Maize Biotechnology Network: Achievements and Opportunities
Author: Maria Luz C. George1, David Hoisington2 and Kevin Pixley2

Identification of quantitative trait loci for flowering time using SSR markers in maize under water-stressed conditions
Author: Shihuang Zhang and Xinhai Li

Molecular characterization of the S haplotypes lacking SLG in the genome of Brassica campestris (syn. rapa) L.
Author: Masao Watanabe1, Go Suzuki2, Yoshinobu Takada1, Tomohiro Kakizaki1, Hiroshi Shiba3, Seiji Takayama3 and Akira Isogai3

Linkage mapping of QTLs for seed yield, yield components and developmental traits in pea (Pisum sativum L.)
Author: Gail Timmerman-Vaughan1, A Mills1, TJ Frew1, R.C. Butler1, J.A. McCallum1, Sarah Murray1, C.P. Whitfield1, A.C. Russell2 and D.R. Wilson1

Mapping of QTLs for domestication-related and agronomic traits in a temperate japonica weedy rice
Author: S.N. Ahn, C.S. Oh, S.J. Lee, D.B. Yoon

Discovery of SNPs in soybean genotypes mainly used as the parents of mapping populations in the USA and Korea
Author: Kyujung Van1, Eun-Young Hwang2, Moon Young Kim1, Suk-Ha Lee1 and Perry B. Cregan2

Cross-Incompatible Groups and Genetic Variation by RAPD of Korean Sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas, (L.) Lam.] Varieties
Author: Young-Sup Ahn1, Yeon-Sang Song1, Byeong-Choon Jeong1 and Kyung-Soo Min2

Development and characterization of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for an apomictic species Allium senescens
Author: Ki-Won Oh1, Chan-Sik Jung1, Hyeun-Kyeung Kim1, Myung-Hee Lee1, Chung-Berm Park1, Byung-Joo Kim2 and Duck-Yong Suh1

Identifying QTL-linked Markers in marker-deficient Crops
Author: Subhash Chandra, Hutokshi K. Buhariwalla, J. Kashiwagi, S. Harikrishna, K. Rupa Sridevi, L. Krishnamurthy, Rachid Serraj and J.H. Crouch

The genetics of bambara groundnut and the construction of a genetic linkage map
Author: Shravani Basu1, Jeremy Roberts1, Richard Mithen2, Sayed Azam-Ali1 and Rémy Pasquet3

QTL Analysis for Grain Quality Properties in a Japonica Rice Combination
Author: Jong-Sik Lee1, W.G. Ha1, J.K. Chang1, K.L. Ryu1, Jun Hyeon Cho1, You-Chun Song1, Oh-Kyung Kwon1, S.J. Yang1, H.Y. Kim2 and H. S. Suh3

Identification and Mapping of RAPD Markers Linked to Rice Stripe Virus Resistance Gene, Stvb-i , in Rice(O. sativa L.)
Author: Jun Hyeon Cho, D.Y. Kwak, K.H. Yi, Y.J. Weon, J.M. Ko, H.M. Park, S.J. Yang and Min-Hee Nam

Markers Linked to a Grain Dormancy QTL in wheat
Author: Daryl Mares1, Benedette Cavallaro2, Eric Storlie2 and Mark Sutherland2

Molecular breeding for rainfed lowland rice in the Mekong Region
Author: Theerayut Toojinda1, Somvong Tragoonrung2, Apichart Vanavichit3, Jonaliza L. Siangliw1, Nathinee Pa-In1, Jutarat Jantaboon1, Meechai Siangliw1 and Shu Fukai4

Diversity Arrays Technology, a novel tool for harnessing crop genetic diversity
Author: Peter Wenzl1, 3, Vanessa Caig3, Jason Carling3, Cyril Cayla1, Margaret Evers1, Damian Jaccoud2, Sujin Patarapuwadol2, Grzegorz Uszynski1, Ling Xia3, Shiying Yang2, Eric Huttner1, 2, 3and Andrzej Kilian1, 2, 3

Mapping genetic loci associated with nitrogen use efficiency in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Author: S Senthilvel1, P Govindaraj1, S. Arumugachamy1, R Latha1, P Malarvizhi2, A Gopalan1 and M. Maheswaran3

Combining high protein quality and hard endosperm traits through phenotypic and marker assisted selection in maize
Author: E. Ravindra Babu, V.P. Mani and H. S. Gupta

QTL Analysis for Lodging Resistance in Rice Using a DH Population under Lowland and Upland Cultural Conditions
Author: Ping Mu, Zi-chao Li1, Chun-ping Li, Hong-liang Zhang and Xiang-kun Wang

Molecular Markers for Selected Quality Traits in Australian Hexaploid Bread Wheat
Author: Adele L. Schmidt1*, Chunji Liu1, David Martin2, Allison Kelly2 and Lynne McIntyre1

Tagging QTLs for maximum root length in rainfed lowland rice by combined selective genotyping and STMs markers
Author: Mahmoud Toorchi1,*, H.E. Shashidhar2, Naveen Sharma2 and Shailaja Hittalmani2

Pedigree-based genome mapping for marker-assisted selection and recurrent parent recovery in wheat and barley
Author: Bob Eisemann1, Phillip Banks1, David Butler1, Mandy Christopher1, Ian DeLacy2, David Jordan3, Emma Mace3, Paul McGowan1, Lynne McIntyre4, David Poulsen3, David Rodgers1 and John Sheppard1

Molecular breeding for rainfed lowland rice in the Mekong Region
Author: Theerayut Toojinda1, Somvong Tragoonrung2, Apichart Vanavichit3, Jonaliza L. Siangliw1, Nathinee Pa-In1, Jutarat Jantaboon1, Meechai Siangliw1, Shu Fukai4

QTL identified for yield components in a cross between a sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) cultivar Q165A and a S. officinarum clone IJ76-514
Author: Karen Aitken1, Phillip Jackson2, George Piperidis3, and Lynne McIntyre1

Identification of genomic regions associated with durable stripe rust resistance in wheat line 11IBWSN50
Author: P.V. Balakrishna1, H. S. Bariana1, R. P. Singh2, A.Verbyla3& R. F. Park1

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