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Heterosis rice and other crops

Testing validity of fertility restorer (Rf ) gene associated RAPD markers in newly identified restorer and maintainer lines of pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Author: Sanjeet Kumar, Vineeta Singh, Major Singh, Sanjeev Kumar, G. Kalloo and Mathura Rai

Cloning and Characterisation of Rf1, a Fertility Restorer Gene for ms-bo type CMS Rice
Author: Kinya Toriyama and Tomohiko Kazama

Load of deleterious genes in maize estimated by inbreeding depression, yield potential per plant and CV
Author: Ioannis S. Tokatlidis1 and Leonidas Giakalis2

Induction of Male Sterility in Niger (Guizotia abyssinica Cass.)
Author: S. Gangaprasad, R.V. Sreedhar, P.M. Salimath and R.L. Ravikumar

RAPD and Isozyme markers for genetic diversity and their correlation with heterosis in Rice (Oryza sativa L)
Author: S. Manonmani1, S Senthilvel2, A.K. Fazlullah Khan3 and M. Maheswaran4

Simulation of Positive Assortative Mating for Inbred Line Development Using QU-GENE
Author: Guoyou Ye, Mark Dieters, Alexander Pudmenzky, Kevin Micallef and Kaye Basford

Gene pyramiding to improve hybrid rice by molecular marker techniques
Author: Yuqing He, Xin Li, Jingfeng Zhang, Gonghao Jiang, Shiping Liu, Sheng Chen, Juming Tu, Caiguo Xu and Qifa Zhang

Critical temperature and stages of fertility alteration in thermo-sensitive genic male sterile lines of rice
Author: R Latha 1, S Senthilvel2 and K Thiyagarajan3

Investigation of Maize Heterotic Groups and Patterns in China
Author: Wen-Tao Teng1 and Jian-Sheng Li2

Exploitation of heterosis for raising productivity in sesame
Author: S.S. Duhoon

ISSRs: An efficient tool to characterize interspecific F1 hybrids of Brassica species
Author: Kadambari Gupta2, Deepak Prem2, Madan Singh Negi1 and Abha Agnihotri1

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