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Variety identification, release, progress

Lentil Improvement for the Benefit of Highland Farmers
Author: A. Sarker1, A. Aydogan2, S.H. Sabaghpour3, I. Kusmenoglu4, B. Sakr5, W. Erskine1 and F.J. Muehlbauer6

Development of early maturing chickpea varieties for diversification of rice-wheat cropping system
Author: S.K. Chaturvedi and Masood Ali

High protein lupins: diversifying the pulse industry in western Canada.
Author: Stanford F. Blade1, K. Lopetinsky2, M. Olson2, P. Laflamme2 and C. Phillips3

Early maturing sweet potato varieties for high altitude highlands of Papua New Guinea
Author: Kud Sitango and Nancy Dopo

Breeding for increasing wheat yield in the cold dryland regions of Iran
Author: Siroos Mahfoozi1 , Mozaffar Roustaii2, Shahryar Jasemi 1 , Habib Ketata3 and David B. Fowler

Using Corn Hybrid Yield Data to Improve Selection of Rapidly Changing Hybrids
Author: Robert Klein1, Lenis A. Nelson2 and Roger W. Elmore2

An effective procedure to maintain a bread wheat cultivar
Author: Ioannis S. Tokatlidis1, Ioannis Xynias2, John T. Tsialtas3 and Ioannis Papadopoulos4

Is There a Case for Discarding Low-Yielding Soybean Performance Trials?
Author: Daryl T. Bowman

Study on Rice Breeding Process for High-yielding and Good Quality Varieties
Author: Wang Bolun, Wang Shu and Huang Yuancai

Recent Advances in Crop Improvement in China
Author: Ming Lu, Zhiyong Xin, Shihua Cheng, Zhonghu He, Xinhai Li, Tianfu Han, Shuxun Yu and Hanzhong Wang

Seeds of Life - increasing production of staple crops in East Timor
Author: Colin Piggin1, Brian Palmer2, Reinhardt Howeler3, Shyam Nigam4, Edwin Javier5, Asep Setiawan6, Ganesan Srinivasan7, Brian Monaghan2, Fernando Gonzalez7, Upali Jayasinghe6, Deolindo da Silva2, Genaro San Valentin2, Afonso De Oliveira8 and Claudino Nabais2

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