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New frontiers and products from breeding

Effects of planting time and plant density on flower yield and active substance of Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.)
Author: Mohammad Hadj Seyed Hadi1, Ghorban Noormohammadi2, Jafar Masoud Sinaki3, Naser Khodabandeh4, Narges Yasa5 and Mohammad Taghi Darzi6

Jute quality breeding by reducing lignin content
Author: M.K. Sinha1

Introgression of desaturase suppressor gene(s) from Brassica napus L. to enhance oleic acid content in Brassica juncea L. Coss.
Author: Gurpreet Kaur, S.K. Banga and S.S. Banga

The influence of changing sowing rate and harvest time on yield and quality for the dual use of fibres and seeds of hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
Author: Frank Höppner, Ute Menge-Hartmann and Jörg Michael Greef

New lines raise the commercial potential of guayule
Author: Premawansa Dissanayake, Doug George and Madan Gupta

Superior Corn-based Starches for Oil Field Application
Author: M.D. Amanullah1 and Long Yu2

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