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Other: Heavy metal, waterlogging, drought

Accumulation of ammonium ion in cadmium tolerant and sensitive cultivars of Oryza sativa
Author: Yi Ting Hsu and Ching Huei Kao

Kernel set in a maize hybrid and its two parental inbred lines exposed to water stress.
Author: Laura Echarte1,2 and Matthijs Tollenaar1

Inheritance of waterlogging tolerance of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Author: M.X. Zhou1, Hongbin Li2, Neville Mendham2 and S. Salter1

Grain size distribution is related to small grain screenings in wheat
Author: Darshan L. Sharma1 and Walter K. Anderson2

Genetic evaluation and improvement of acid stress tolerance in lucerne breeding
Author: Xianguang Zhang1, Trevor Garnett1, Kathi Davies2, David Peck1, Alan Humphries1 and Geoff Auricht1

Assessing the impact of high soil boron and salinity on the root growth of potential primer-plant species
Author: Stephen Davies1, James Nuttall2, Roger D. Armstrong2 and Mark Peoples1

Effects of foliar fertilizer applications on the alleviation of waterlogging stress in six barley varieties
Author: Jiayin Pang1, Neville Mendham1, Sergey Shabala1 and Meixue Zhou2

Responses to boron (B) levels in F2 and F3 populations derived from B-efficient and B-inefficient wheat parents
Author: Supawadee Ngorian, Sansanee Jamjod, Suthat Julsrigivul, Dumnern Kaladee and Benjavan Rerkasem

The Iron (Fe)-excluding power of rice roots as a mechanism of tolerance of elite breeding lines to iron toxicity.
Author: Takuhito Nozoe1, Ruth Agbisit1, Yoshimichi Fukuta1, Reynaldo Rodriguez1 and Seiji Yanagihara1

Comparison of root staining and root elongation in predicting aluminium tolerance using SSR markers in barley
Author: Junping Wang1,2, Harsh Raman2, 3, Barbara Read2, Meixue Zhou1, Neville Mendham1 and Shoba Venkatanagappa2

Identification of physiological indicators for establishing screening techniques related to tolerance of excess water in soybean [Glycine max(L.) Merrill].
Author: Jae-Eun Lee1, Hong Sig Kim2, Wook-Han Kim1, Sei-Joon Park1, Young-Up Kwon1 and Je-Kyu Kim1

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