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Biotechnology for a better world

Harnessing RNA silencing to protect peanuts from stripe disease
Author: Ralf G. Dietzgen1, Neena Mitter1, Colleen M. Higgins1, Rhonda Hall1, Pierre-Yves Teycheney1, Alan Cruickshank2, Dwi Hapsoro3 and Sudarsono3

Studies of differential sensitivities between conventional and transgenic Bt cotton cultivars to potassium deficiency
Author: Zhiyong Zhang, Xiaoli Tian, Zhaohu Li, Liusheng Duan, Baomin Wang and Zhongpei He

Effects of nitrogen fertility on Bt endotoxin levels in Bt hybrid maize
Author: H. Arnold Bruns1 and Craig A. Abel2

Transformation of Vigna mungo (blackgram) for abiotic stress tolerance using marker free approach
Author: Neera Bhalla-Sarin1, Prasanna Bhomkar1, Suchandra Debroy1, Nidhi Sharma1, Mukesh Saxena1, Chandrama P. Upadhyaya1, Annamalai Muthusamy1, Mikhail Pooggin2 and Thomas Hohn2

Molecular gene transfer for the generation of salt tolerant rapeseed (Brassica campestris, Brassica napus) varieties in Bangladesh
Author: Lutful Hassan and S.K Talukder

Genetic transformation of Russian wheat varieties for the biotic and abiotic stress resistance
Author: Dmitry Miroshnichenko, Mikhail Filippov and Sergey Dolgov.

Effectiveness of four cry genes in transgenic potato for conferring resistance to potato tuber moth
Author: S. Meiyalaghan1, 2, M.M. Davidson1, M.G.F. Takla1, 2, S.D. Wratten2 and A.J. Conner1, 2

Public perceptions about genetically engineered forage crops and resultant animal products
Author: Bruce Small

The development of virus resistant carrot genotypes using RNAi technology
Author: Nina L. McCormick1 , Rebecca Ford1, Paul W.J. Taylor1 and Brendan Rodoni2.

Glyphosate alters floral morphology in glyphosate-resistant cotton
Author: John Wilcut, Wendy Pline and Keith Edmisten

Genetically engineered tomatoes: New vista for sustainable agriculture in high altitude aegions
Author: Nidhi Sarad, Meenal Rathore, N.K. Singh and Narendra Kumar

Production and characterization of recombinant human lactoferrin in transgenic Javanica rice cv Rojolele
Author: Diah Rachmawati1,2, Takuya Mori1, Takehiko Hosaka1, Fumio Takaiwa3 , Eiichi Inoue1 and Hiroyuki Anzai1

Grain growers’ perspectives on genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
Author: Alexandra Smart1,2, Heather Bray1, Michael McLean1 and Amanda J. Able1,2

Gene transformation in to dicotyledonous plants by using Agrobacterium and study on its problem
Author: Masoomeh Peyman

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