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Developed Countries

State Focus – Improving Farmer Practices through Coordinated On-Farm Testing.
Author: A. McCutcheon

National WhopperCropper – risk management discussion support software
Author: Howard Cox1,4, Graeme Hammer1,2, Greg McLean1 and Christine King3

Computer-based decision support tools for Australian farmers
Author: Andrew D. Moore1, J.F. Angus1, Michael Bange2, Chris J Crispin1, John R. Donnelly1, Mike Freer1, Neville I. Herrmann1, Heidi E Ottey1, Dirk Richards2, Libby Salmon1, Maarten Stapper1 and Alexander Suladze1

Agro-biotechnology outreach program using SACUC model
Author: Mohammad Jalaluddin1, Manoharan Muthusamy2 and Shahidul Islam3

Best management practices – a multi-disciplinary approach to improving the yield of high input peanut production in Australia
Author: Greg Mills1, Jim Barnes1, Graeme Wright1, NageswaraRao C. Rachaputi1 and Michael Hughes2

Ricecheck –Participatory farmer extension model in practice for 18 years
Author: John Lacy1 and Felicity Steel2

Optimising profitability and environmental trade-offs in managing cropping systems using differential evolution
Author: Peter DeVoil1, W.A.H. Rossing2 and Graeme Hammer1,3

Decision support systems for farm management: a theoretical framework from the sociology of science and technology.
Author: Emma Jakku, Peter Thorburn and Clare Gambley

Farmer-Led On-Farm Trials – Problem or Solution?
Author: Jane Fisher1,2 and Peter S. Carberry1,2

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