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New rice cultivars with low levels of easy-to-digest protein
Author: Minoru Nishimura,1 Makoto Kusaba,1 Kenzo Miyahara,1 Takeshi Nishio,2 Shuich Iida,3 Tokio Imbe,4 Hiroyuki Sato4

Nitrogen fertilizer alters milling quality and protein distribution in head rice
Author: Manop Leesawatwong1,2, Sansanee Jamjod2, John Kuo1, Bernie Dell3 and Benjavan Rerkasem2

Development of Special Purpose Aromatic Rice Varieties in the United States
Author: X.Y. Sha and S.D. Linscombe

Grain quality and iron density of Philippine rice cultivars
Author: Riza G. Abilgos-Ramos, Rosaly V. Manaois, Shaila Sol P. Escubio, Gemmabelle D.G. Garcia, Emily C. Arocena and Leocadio S. Sebastian

Variation in grain iron between seed lots of some upland rice varieties
Author: Chanakan Prom-u-thai, Saicome Pintasen, Sansanee Jamjod, Benjavan Rerkasem

Stability of tocopherols and tocotrienols extracted from unsaponifiable fraction of rice bran under various temperature and oxygen condition
Author: Soon-Ryang Park1, Yong-Ho Kim2, Hyo-Jong Park3 and Young-Sang Lee4

Early identification of pre-harvest sprouting in rice seeds by using 1H-NMR
Author: Yushi Ishibashi, Tomoka Morita, Reiko Sueyoshi, Atsushi Yoshimura, Masataka Fukuyama and Mari Iwaya-Inoue

Chemical and sensory evaluation of aromatic rice cultivars.
Author: Tomio Itani1, Akira Takada1, Masahiko Tamaki1, Yasuyoshi Hayata1, Tsutomu Fushimi2 and Katsumi Hashizume3

Natural Variation in Alk Locus Affects Starch Property and Cooked Rice Quality
Author: Takayuki Umemoto1,8, Noriaki Aoki1, Hongxuan Lin2,3, Yasunori Nakamura4, Naoyoshi Inouchi5, Youichiro Sato6, Masahiro Yano2, Hideyuki Hirabayashi1 and Sachio Maruyama1,7

Changes of Anthocyanin pigment Cyanidin-3-glucoside, Oryzanol Content and Antioxidant Activity as Affected by Ripening Temperature in Rice Varieties
Author: Je-Cheon Chae1, Dong-Jin Lee1 , Dae-Kyung Jun1, Su-Noh Ryu2 and Jin-Chul Shin3

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