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Investigation of Biological Effect in Black Colored Soybean
Author: Yong-Ho Kim1, Hong-Tae Yun2, Woo-Kyung Chung2 and Keum-Yong Park2

Selection of sweetpotato clones with high β-carotene content
Author: Swee-Lian Tan1, Salma Omar2 and Khatijah Idris2

Aflatoxins and their relationship with sugars in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Author: A. Manda1, B.P. Naidu1,2, NageswaraRao C. Rachaputi3, Graeme Wright3 and Shu Fukai1

Diminution Effect on Mycotoxin Content by Different Processing Methods in Barley and Wheat Infected with Fusarium graminearum
Author: Oh-Kyung Kwon*, Su-Myeong Hong1, Dal-soon Choi1, Jeom-Sig Lee, You-Chun Song, Un-Goo Ha and S.J. Yang

Assessment of the impact of arsenic-containing irrigation water on soil contamination and plant uptake
Author: M.A. Mazid Miah1, Z.U. Ahmed1, M.S. Rahman1, H.M. Khaled1, G.M. Panaullah2, R.H. Loeppert3, J.M. Duxbury4 and Craig Meisner2

A new Soybean cultivar, “Fukuibuki”, with high isoflavone content and superior agronomic characteristics for Japan
Author: Shinji Shimada1, Yoshitake Takada2, Tetsufumi Sakai3 and Yuhi Kono4

Development of nutritionally superior Brassica napus and B. juncea oils using RNAi-mediated gene silencing
Author: Anand Pandian1, Qing Liu2, Clive Hurlestone2, Surinder Singh2, Phillip Salisbury1 and Allan Green2

Estimating the quality-parameters of ground and intact sunflower seeds by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Author: Christian R. Moschner1, Gerhard Rühl2 and Bettina Biskupek-Korell1

Canola quality Brassica juncea for Australia.
Author: Rob Norton1, Wayne Burton1,2 and Phillip Salisbury2,3

Making a greener revolution: A nutrient delivery system for food production to address malnutrition through crop science
Author: Craig Meisner1, R. Welch2, J.M. Duxbury3 and J.G. Lauren3

Associations between isoflavones and protein content in soybean (Glycine max) seed
Author: Fred L. Allen, Craig S. Charron , Richard D. Johnson and Carl E. Sams

Community based fish culture in seasonally flooded rice fields in Bangladesh and Vietnam
Author: Madan M. Dey and Mark Prein

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