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Irrigated rice-based systems 5ACSC

Water productivity in rice-based systems in Asia – variability in space and time
Author: David Dawe

More Rice, Less Water—Integrated Approaches for Increasing Water Productivity in Irrigated Rice-Based Systems in Asia
Author: To Phuc Tuong1, Bas A.M. Bouman1, and Martin Mortimer2

Water saving in rice-wheat systems
Author: E. Humphreys1,2, Craig Meisner3, Raj Kumar Gupta4, Jagadish Timsina2, H.G. Beecher1,5, Tang Yong Lu6, Yadvinder Singh7, M.A. Gill8, I. Masih9, Zheng Jia Guo6 and J.A. Thompson10

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