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Adaptation to biotic challenges (5ACSC)

Sustainable disease resistance in rice: current and future strategies
Author: Hei Leung1, Jianli Wu1, Bin Liu1, Masdiar Bustaman2, R. Sridhar3, Kuldeep Singh4, Ed Redona5, Vu Duc Quang6, Kangle Zheng7, Menchu Bernardo1, Guoliang Wang8, Jan Leach9, Il Ryong Choi1, and Casiana Vera Cruz1

Wheat Rust in Asia: Meeting the Challenges with Old and New Technologies
Author: Ravi P. Singh1, Harindra M. William1, Julio Huerta-Espino2 and Garry Rosewarne1

Novel strategies for overcoming pests and diseases in India
Author: K. V. S. Reddy and Usha B. Zehr

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