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Farming and land stewardship

Farming and land stewardship. Case study – Australia’s innovations in sustainable irrigation
Author: Colin Creighton1, Wayne Meyer1 and Shahbaz Khan2

Fallow Management affects the Risk of Deep Water Loss
Author: Kirsten Verburg, Warren J. Bond and Chris J. Smith

Risk assessment of climate change impacts on Australia’s wheat industry
Author: Mark Howden1 and Roger N. Jones2

Boron tolerance of lentil - highlights of a research program
Author: Kristy B. Hobson1,2, Roger D. Armstrong1, M. Nicolas2 , David J. Connor2 and Michael A. Materne1

Simulation of nitrogen management in trash-blanketed sugarcane systems
Author: Peter Thorburn, Heidi L. Horan and Jody S. Biggs

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