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Crop-livestock interaction

The benefits and challenges of crop-livestock integration in Australian agriculture
Author: Michael A. Ewing1,2 and Felicity Flugge1

Grain-Graze as sustainable farming systems in sub-tropical Queensland
Author: Anthony Whitbread1 and Bob Clem2

Potential of some annual pasture legumes as fodder crops in the wheatbelt of Western Australia
Author: Anyou Liu1 and Clinton Revell2

The whole-farm impact of including dual-purpose winter wheat and forage brassica crops in a grazing system: a simulation analysis
Author: Andrew D. Moore, Libby Salmon and Hugh Dove

Genetic improvement of strand medic (Medicago littoralis Rohde ex Lois.) for Australian farming systems
Author: Ramakrishnan M. Nair1, Jake Howie1, Ross Ballard1, Rachel Hutton1, Nigel Charman1 and Chris Preston2

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