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Conservation and reduced tillage systems

Crop variety response in direct-seed (no-till) and conventional tillage
Author: Stephen Guy and Ying Wu

Trashlines and runoff, erosion, and crop yields in semi-arid eastern Kenya
Author: Isaiah I.C. Wakindiki1 and M. Ben-Hur2

Conservation tillage, poultry litter, cropping system and cotton production
Author: Chandra Reddy1, Ermson Nyakatawa1 and David Mays1

Effect of soil-tillage on soil physical properties, total organic carbon content and winter barley yield in a long-term experiment in Germany
Author: Jan Rücknagel1, Bodo Hofman2 and Olaf Christen2

Potato mechanization in Iran
Author: M.A. Ghazavi

Soil carbon sequestration and mulch-based cropping in the Cerrado region of Brazil
Author: Marc Corbeels1,2, Eric Scopel1,2, Alexandre Cardoso2, Jean-Marie Douzet1, Marcos Siqueira Neto3 and Martial Bernoux4

Better residue management for more sustainable cropping
Author: Mike Collins

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