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Effect of Plant Activators on Disease Resistance and Yield in Tomato and Canola
Author: U.R. Bishnoi and R.S. Payyavula

Control of Foliar Diseases of Field Pea in Southern Brazil
Author: Gilberto Omar Tomm1, Hadley Randal Kutcher2, Edson Clodoveu Picinini1 and Beatriz Donida3

Interaction between Ascochyta intensity and sowing arrangement with chickpea
Author: Ben Fleet 1,2, David Coventry 2 and Darren Koopman.2

Resistance inducing agent BION® and plant nutrition method CULTAN as alternative agricultural practice for stabilized yield in central Europe in high oleic sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Author: Burcin Dilci1, Gerhard Rühl1, Andreas Bramm1 and Frank Hoeppner1

Prevalence of Fusarium crown rot pathogens of wheat in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales
Author: Jason Scott1, Olufemi Akinsanmi1, Vivek Mitter1,2, Steven Simpfendorfer3, Ruth Dill-Macky4 and Sukumar Chakraborty1

SimCanker: a simulation model for containing phoma stem canker of oilseed rape through cultural practices
Author: Jean-Noël Aubertot1, Xavier Pinochet2, Raymond Reau3 and Thierry Doré

Growing healthy rice seedlings through soil solarization: a low cost technology for increasing rice productivity and profitability
Author: M. Elahi Baksh1, M. Alamin Siddique2, Craig Meisner3, J.M. Duxbury4 and J.G. Lauren4

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