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Tissue culture

Effects of abscisic acid on callus induction and regeneration of different wheat cultivars to mature embryo culture
Author: Bahman Fazelienasab1, Mansour Omidi2 and Mehdi Amiritokaldani3

Using tissue culture to select for drought tolerance in bread wheat
Author: H.M. AbdElGhany1, A.A. Nawar2, M.E. Ibrahim2, Sh.A. El-Shamarka2, M.M. Selim1 and A.I. Fahmi2

Pollen tube behaviour and effect of wheat genotypes on embryo induction in wheat x maize crosses
Author: Mukta Sirohi, Navneeta Kaushik and V.K. Khanna

Effect of Physical, Chemical and Light Treatments on Germination and Growth of Tissue-cultured Coconuts
Author: Pablito M. Magdalita1, Olivia P. Damasco1, Joseph C. Beredo1 and Stephen W. Adkins2

Effect of genotype on adventitious bud formation from leaves of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)
Author: Yoko Akasaka-Kennedy1,2, Hidefumi Yoshida2, Masao Watanabe2 and Yoshihito Takahata2

Influence of age of the embryo and method of hormone application on haploid embryo formation in wheat x maize crosses
Author: Navneeta Kaushik, Mukta Sirohi and V.K. Khanna

Utilization of anther culture technique for rice improvement in the Philippines
Author: Victoria C. Lapitan1, Ernesto B. Cayaban2, Leslie T. Roferos1, Genaro O. San Valentin3 and Leocadio S. Sebastian4

Tanbaguro: a new model genotype of soybean for tissue culture study
Author: Tomoko Hatanaka1, Shinya Yoshihara, Seiko Imoto, Naotsugu Uchida and Hyoe Tsugawa

Effect of plant growth regulators on direct shoot regeneration of wheat (Triticum aestivum)
Author: H Alizadeh, M.R. Naghavi, M. Omidi and B. Saatian

Studies on Microspore Culture of Hybrid Parents in Brassica napus
Author: H.Z. Wang, X.F. Wang, G.H. Liu, Y.B. Zheng and Q. Yang

Development of an efficient high frequency microspore embryo induction and doubled haploid generation system for Indian mustard (Brassica juncea)
Author: Deepak Prem1, Kadambari Gupta1 and Abha Agnihotri2

Embryogenesis from isolated microspores of chickpea and field pea – Progress towards a doubled haploid protocol as a tool for crop improvement
Author: Janine Croser1, Monika Lulsdorf2, Bifang Cheng2, Kara Allen2, Julia Wilson1, Tim Dament2, Kadambot Siddique1, Tom Warkentin2 and Albert Vandenberg2

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