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Genetic analysis

Secondary Dormancy of Oilseed Rape: first Aspects of Heredity
Author: Sabine Gruber and Wilhelm Claupein

Efficient Evaluation of Lines Derived from Recurrent Selection in Barley
Author: A. Taleei1 and D.E. Falk2

Yearly Variation of Genetic Parameters for Panicle Characters of Japonica Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Author: Myung Kyu Oh1 , Bo Kyeong Kim2, Mun Sik Shin2, Jin Choung2, Ki Young Kim2, Jong Cheol Ko2, Jae Kweon Ko2, Jae Kil Lee2 and Im Soo Choi1

Novel breeding approach through development of introgression lines in rice
Author: Takeshi Ebitani1, Masahiro Yano2, Takeshi Takarada1, Motoyasu Omoteno1, Yoshinobu Takeuchi3, Shigenori Nonoue4 and Yoshitaka Yamamoto1

Strategies for breeding against Barley Grain Colour defects
Author: Glen Fox1, Maria Sulman1, Vanessa Johnson2, Kevin Young2 and Andy Inkerman1

Combining ability of CIMMYT’s early maturing maize (Zea mays L.) germplasm under stress and non-stress conditions and identification of testers
Author: Alexander Pswarayi1 and Bindiganavile Vivek2

Estimate of some genetic parameters in corn (Zea mays L.) based on diallel crossing system
Author: A.H. Rezaei1 and V. Roohi2

Combining ability for some quantitative characters in hexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em. Thell)
Author: H. Singh, S.N. Sharma and R.S. Sain

Inheritance Of Biochemical Characteristics in Non-Premature Senescing, Short-Seasoned Cotton
Author: Yu Shuxun1, Song Meizhen2, Gong Wankui3, Wang Wu4 and Fan Shuli5

Inheritance of Seed Isoflavone Contents in Soybean Cultivars Shinpaldalkong2 and Hwangeumkong
Author: JaHwan Ku1, Jung-Kyung Moon, Hong-Tae Yun, Keum-Yong Park, YeongHo Lee, Moon Tae Song, HanSun Hur and SeongHo Choi

Inheritance of Kernel Elongation in Rice
Author: Golam Faruq1, O. Mohamad2, K. Hadjim3 and Craig Meisner4

Genetic analysis of seedling characters in bread wheat
Author: M. Fazel Najafabadi, M.R. Ghanadha, A.A. Zali and B. Yazdi Samadi

Genetic analysis of plant height and panicle erectness of rice
Author: Wang Bolun, Wang Shu, Huang Yuancai

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