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Expression of ectoine biosynthetic genes in tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabaccum) leads to the maintenance of osmotic potential under salt stress
Author: R.E.A. Moghaieb1,2, N. Tanaka3, Hirofumi Saneoka1 and Kounosuke Fujita1

Effects of NaCl Salinity on Growth and Bt Protein Content of Two Transgenic Bacillus thuringiesis Cotton Cultivars
Author: Linjian Jiang, Liusheng Duan, Xiaoli Tian, Baomin Wang, Haifeng Zhang and Zhaohu Li

Light dependency of salinity-induced chloroplast damages
Author: Shiro Mitsuya1, Koji Yamane2, Michio Kawasaki3, Mitsutaka Taniguchi4 and Hiroshi Miyake5

Salt stress magnitude can be quantified by integrating salinity with respect to stress duration
Author: Young-Sang Lee1, Soon-Ryang Park2, Hyo-Jong Park3 and Yong-Woong Kwon4

Oxygation of rhizosphere with subsurface aerated irrigation water improves lint yield and performance of cotton on saline heavy clay soil
Author: Surya P. Bhattarai and David J. Midmore

Salinity-induced chloroplast damages in rice leaves (Oryza sativa L.) are reduced by pretreatment with methyl viologen
Author: Koji Yamane1, Shiro Mitsuya2, Michio Kawasaki3, Mitsutaka Taniguchi4 and Hiroshi Miyake5

Validation and application of Salt Stress Unit in dealing with salt-affected growth and leaf proline accumulation of rice plants
Author: Young-Sang Lee1, Soon-Ryang Park2, Seung-Hun Lee3 and Kyoung-Shim Cho4

Recovery strategy of plant growth and yield following the foliar K and Ca applications on the salt-stressed rice plant
Author: Takeshi Ikeda , Tomoko Tsutsumi and Yuuhei Chiba

Na+ recirculation in alfalfa and phloem transfer cell structure
Author: Néziha Boughanmi1, Philippe Michonneau2 and Pierrette Fleurat-Lessard2

Screening chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) and wild relatives germplasm from diverse country sources for salt tolerance
Author: Moses F.A. Maliro1, David McNeil2, Jim Kollmorgen1, Chris Pittock1 and Bob Redden3

Differential response of wheat cultivars to subsoil salinity/sodicity
Author: Harsharn Singh Grewal1, Peter Cornish1 and Shane Norrish

Subsoil salts affect root function, shoot growth and ionic balance of wheat plants
Author: Harsharn Singh Grewal1, Shane Norrish1 and Peter Cornish1

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