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Expression of genotypic responses to frost tolerance in wheat
Author: Thusitha A. Gunawardena1, B.P. Naidu1,2 and Shu Fukai1

Regulation of freezing resistance in barley grown under field conditions
Author: Siroos Mahfoozi1, Habib Ketata2 and David B. Fowler3

Correlation between reliability of pollination and length of basal dehiscence of the thecae in rice under a hot and humid condition
Author: Tsutomu Matsui1, Kazuhiko Kobayasi2, Hisashi Kagata1 and Takeshi Horie3

Immunological Assays of Freezing Tolerance in Barley using Antifreeze Proteins Antisera
Author: Cheol Ho Hwang1, Dae In Kim1 and Jeong Gon Kim2

Monitoring characteristics of cold hardiness for perennial ryegrass organs from the view point of dynamic states of water
Author: Mari Iwaya-Inoue1, Rina Matsui2 and Masataka Fukuyama1

Studies on boundary of winter wheat northernmost planting in Chinese Northeast Area
Author: Li-bai HOU, Wen Zhang and He-qin Chen

Effect of Delayed Planting on Membrane Injury and Yield of Six Chickpea Genotypes
Author: P.S. Deshmukh1, Tejpal Singh1, S.R. Kushwaha1, L.S. Rao1, Neil C. Turner2, S.S. Yadav3 and Kumar3

Investigation of post head-emergence frost resistance in several CIMMYT synthetic and Queensland wheats
Author: Troy M. Frederiks1, John T. Christopher1 and Andrew K. Borrell2

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