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Gene discovery

Gene expression in giant cells induced in tomato roots by Meloidogyne javanica
Author: Zhaohui Wang and Michael G.K. Jones

Role of Soybean E-Genes in Regulating Onset and Duration of Leaf Senescence
Author: Saratha Kumudini1

Molecular Cloning and Characterization of the TaLon1 in wheat
Author: Li-Ke Liu1, Xiao-Li Guo2 , Dong-Cheng Liu1, Hua-Bo Wang1 and Ai-Min Zhang1

Isolation and Characterization of a Gibberellin Responsive Gene (HvGR) from initiated shoots from calli derived from mature embryo of barley
Author: Rak Chun Seong1, Jae Yoon Kim2, Jae Woong Haam3 and Yong Weon Seo2

The molecular basis for grain texture in wheat
Author: Paul R. Wiley, Paola Tosi, Huw D. Jones and Peter R. Shewry

Can transition to flowering be modelled dynamically from the gene level?
Author: Erik van Oosterom1, Graeme Hammer1,2 and Scott Chapman3

Changes in myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase gene expression and phytic acid accumulation in oat plants during seed maturation.
Author: Hirofumi Saneoka1, Daiso Toyonaga1, R.E.A. Moghaieb1,2 and Kounosuke Fujita1

Isolation of genes involved in the production of neurotoxin in vetch, Vicia sativa L.
Author: Annabelle U. Novero, Paul W.J. Taylor and Rebecca Ford

Proteomic analysis of rice caryopsis development and its response to high temperature
Author: Shao-Kai Lin1, Meng-Chi Chang1, Yeou-Guang Tsai2 and Huu-Sheng Lur1

Development of Contiguous Introgression Lines Covering Entire Genome of the Sequenced Japonica Rice
Author: Junxiang Mu, Hongju Zhou, Shenjie Zhao, Caiguo Xu, Sibin Yu and Qifa Zhang

Discovering Stay-Green Drought Tolerance Genes in Sorghum: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Author: Andrew K. Borrell1, David Jordan1, John Mullet3, Patricia Klein3, Robert Klein3, Henry Nguyen4, Darrell Rosenow5, Graeme Hammer2, Andrew Douglas1 and Bob Henzell1

High nitrogen conditions enhance the cooling damage to pollen in rice plants : proteome analysis of mature anthers
Author: Takami Hayashi1, Tomoya Yamaguchi1, Katsuhiro Nakayama1, Setsuko Komatsu2 and Setsuo Koike1

Cloning and Characterization of Mitochondrial ATP Synthase 6kDa Subunit gene in Rice (Oryza sativa. L)
Author: Xinxin Zhang1, Tetsuo Takano2 and Shenkui Liu1

Why is transferring apomixis to crops still a dream?
Author: Enrico Perotti1,2, Daniel Grimanelli1,3, Peter John2, David Hoisington1 and Olivier Leblanc1,3

Identification and characterisation of differentially expressed genes in wheat undergoing gradual water deficit stress.
Author: Heather Way, Scott Chapman, Gangping Xue, Rosanne Casu, Lynne McIntyre and Ray Shorter

Identification of genes contributing to high sucrose accumulation in sugarcane
Author: Graham Bonnett1,2, Rosanne Casu1,2, Anne Rae1,2, Chris Grof1,2, Donna Glassop1,2, Lynne McIntyre1,2 and John Manners1,2

Exploring a new detergent-inducible promoter active in higher plants and its potential biotechnological application
Author: Gretel M. Hunzicker 1, Elmar W. Weiler, and I. Kubigsteltig

Targeting the Recessive Rice Gene, xa13, for Bacterial Blight Resistance to a 14.8-kb DNA Fragment
Author: Zhaohui Chu1, Binying Fu2, Zhikang Li2, Qifa Zhang1 and Shiping Wang1

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